Introducing Kabira Mobility Kollegio: A sleek electric scooter priced at Rs.45,990.

Unleash the freedom with a remarkable range of 100 km per charge, perfect for your daily journeys.

Cruise comfortably with a top speed of 24 km/hr, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Powered by a robust 250W BLDC motor, Kollegio delivers efficient and reliable performance.

Enjoy the peace of mind with a 1-year battery warranty, emphasizing our commitment to quality.

Embrace the future of transportation with eco-friendly electric mobility from Kabira.

Experience the convenience of disc brakes, providing superior stopping power for enhanced safety.

Kollegio's cutting-edge design combines style and functionality for a truly modern commuting experience.

Say goodbye to fuel costs and hello to savings with the eco-conscious Kollegio scooter.

Elevate your ride, embrace sustainability – Kabira Mobility Kollegio, your key to a greener tomorrow!