Introducing the TVS Jupiter: The TVS Jupiter, a popular scooter in India, is making waves in the market with its exceptional features.

Pricing Options: The Jupiter is available at a competitive price range, starting at Rs. 75,995 for the base model and going up to Rs. 90,875 for the top-end variant.

Power-Packed Engine: Equipped with a robust 109.7 cc engine, the Jupiter delivers a power output of 7.88 PS, ensuring a smooth ride through the bustling city streets.

Torque for the Urban Jungle: With 8.8 Nm of torque, the Jupiter offers impressive pick-up, making it perfect for maneuvering through traffic.

Light as a Feather: Weighing in at just 109 kg, the Jupiter is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to handle and park in crowded urban areas.

Reliable Braking: The Jupiter comes with drum brakes for dependable stopping power, ensuring safety during your rides.

Tubeless Tyres: The scooter boasts tubeless tires, reducing the risk of sudden flats and offering added security on your journeys.

Efficient for the City: The Jupiter is designed with the city commuter in mind, offering a frugal and fuel-efficient ride.

Elegance in Design: With its sleek and elegant design, the Jupiter is not only a practical choice but also a style statement.

Conclusion: The TVS Jupiter is the ideal companion for urban riders, offering a smooth engine, practicality, and style at a price range that caters to a wide range of customers. It's no wonder that it continues to be a top choice in the scooter market.